You want to make sure that the person that maintains your computers is qualified to do so.  Here's a brief history of my involvement with computers and IT.  It's a bit disjointed as there are many points where I've held multiple jobs and/or been in school.  And if you prefer a more traditional resume - Kinne-John Resume 2.doc


1986ish First computer, a Commodore 64 (C=64).  Taught myself to program BASIC and machine code.
1988 Got online and active with the C=64 BBS (Bulletin Board System) scene.
1989 My first BBS goes online, and now I'm a content provider.
1990 First time on the Internet.
1991-1992 Work for OfficeMax selling computers and other business machines. 
1992 First tech support business - dba Dynamic Computer Solutions in the Syracuse, NY area.  My clients included a car wash, a local band, an audiologist, a manufacturer of deer lures, and a number of home users.  Dissolve the business at the end of the year when I decide to move away and get my degree. 
1992 Move to Rochester, NY to pursue a computer science degree at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology)
1992 - 1997 Work for OfficeMax and then Staples selling computers and other business machines.  On the side provide support to a handful of home users and a carpeting company.
1995-1997 To fulfill the co-op work requirement for my degree I take a position as a programmer at Unimail Corp.  There I develop software to reformat data for printing credit union and other financial statements.  I also customize a commercial accounting package to better serve the unique billing needs of the company.
1997 Receive my BS in Computer Science from RIT  with concentrations in business and 'science, technology, and society'.
1997 - 2006 iSeries Technical Support at IBM Global Services.  Provide managed IT services to number of mid to large size corporations in a wide variety of industries including pharmaceutical, medical device suppliers, financial institutions, manufacturing, and supply chain management.  Yearly training for regulated accounts included HIPAA, HITECH, Sarbanes-Oxley, and FDA.
1998 I start supporting my first dental practice when my dentist notices my occupation and asks for my help.  This eventually becomes two practices when I assist another dentist in building his IT environment from the ground up.
2006 - 2015 iSeries High Availability specialist at IBM.  Ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster to a number of companies in various industries.
2008 Move to Phoenix, AZ after spending a summer working here.
2009 Re-connect with a dentist that I had supported in NY that also made the move to AZ.  This leads to another practice and eventually...
2016 Start CavityFree IT, LLC to focus on supporting dental practices and the technologies unique to such.